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Using the front gate access system

The front entry gate system has been reactivated as of Friday evening, August 15, 2008. The system offers two basic services, they are:

1. If an Owner arrives at the gate and does not have their key, the gate can be opened by inserting the 4-digit code provided by the Owner into the system. To use this service, simply press the asterisk (*) followed by your 4-digit code and the gate will unlock for approximately 10 seconds and will then re-lock.

2. If a visitor arrives at the gate and wants to gain access, they would find the Owner's/Tenant's name on the adjacent directory board, press the "#" sign on the key pad; they will hear a dial tone and should then enter the Owner's/Tenant's 2-digit code found next to their name on the directory board. At that point, the Owner's/Tenant's phone will ring and you can then speak to the visitor. When satisfied with their identity, you simply press "#, 9" and the gate will unlock for approximately 10 second. IMPORTANT; when you press the "#, 9", the phone will also hang up and you will NOT be able to speak with the visitor again. I recommend telling your visitor that you are going to unlock the gate and if it does not unlock for some reason, simply call you again using the system.

We have added all of the names that we are aware of related to the various Units on the front gate directory board and thank Bob Bassett for assisting us with that task Friday evening. If your name is not on the directory board, please call the office (or e-mail me) and provide us with the Unit number, name you wish to appear, the phone number you wish to use (any local number, mobile or home phone) and a 4-digit code and we will get it programmed into the system within a few days. If you see your name on the Board but the system does not work (gives you a "directory error" message), that means we did not receive a phone number and/or 4-digit code and your information was not programmed into the system.

There were a number of things that had to be completed to get this system functioning again. On behalf of your Board and ALCOR, we thank you for your patience regarding getting this system up and running again and pledge continued improvements in the weeks and months ahead at Pier 8.

Al Oglesby, CCIM, CPM®, CEA
Property Manager
Pier 8 Condominiums

Brief Overview of Services

As a condo Owner and Association member, you will receive various services and amenities. These services and amenities are paid for by your monthly Association (condo) fees. The following are examples of just some of those services and amenities:

- Parking lot and general grounds lighting
- Routine landscaping
- General grounds keeping and repairs, trash collection, perimeter fencing, etc.
- Routine pool maintenance
- Exterior maintenance of Condo structures
- Information Website
- General liability insurance covering the common areas
- Flood insurance
- Water
- Management services by The ALCOR Group, a third party management company

In general, your Associations maintains the common areas and elements of the development. Individual Owners are responsible for care and upkeep of their individual interior units and accessories such as air conditioners, water heaters, appliances, windows, etc. Please refer to your by-laws, rules and regulations for greater detail. Should you have any question(s) concerning a specific service or issue, please feel free to contact The ALCOR Group during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m) or via e-mail and we will make every effort to answer your questions and concerns.

Monthly Homeowners & Condominium Fees

All Owners are members of the Pier 8 Condominium Association. The monthly condo fees vary depending on the size of the unit that you own. Monthly Association fees are due ont eh 1st day of each month and considered late if received in the management office after the 5th day of each month. All payment should be made payable to Pier 8 Condominium Association; checks for monthly fees should not be made payable to ALCOR.

All monthly condo fees are due on the first (1st) day of each calendar month and become delinquent if not received in the management office (or on-site mailbox) by the fifth (5th) day of any given calendar month. A LATE FEE OF $25.00 WILL BE ASSESSED TO ANY OWNER WHO'S MONTHLY CONDO FEE(S) IS NOT RECEIVED IN THE MANAGEMENT OFFICE (OR ON-SITE MAILBOX) BY THE FIFTH (5th) OF EACH MONTH. IN ADDITION, THERE WILL BE A $35.00 CHARGE FOR ALL PAYMENT RETURNED NSF. If you wish to ensure that you never recevie a late fee, enroll in the free ACH automatic pay program and leave the rest to Management; See ACH Drafting for additional information and need form for this service.

NOTE: The proceeding is intended as a brief overview of the very basic services and fees associated with the development. Nothing contain herein is intended to supersede any covenant, by-law, rule or regulation contained in the governing documents of the Association and Owners are encouraged to review those documents for a more complete overview and understanding of individual Owners obligations regarding such issues.

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